In April, we host a juried selection of varied works by The Art and Artists of Ohio (areas in and around 614, 740 & 216 locales). Members from all Ohio groups are invited to submit 1 or 2 of their best, original works for consideration. Tacocat is visited by the Mother Artists at Work in the month of May. Come visit as Tacocat takes its swing at the summertime craft show concept. Vendors, food, and art will all be available. Details about the event and submission requirements coming soon. In August, Tacocat Cooperative will celebrate one year since the opening of the gallery to the public. To mark the occasion and to showcase the productivity that has happened in the space since opening, the co-operative will once again take over the gallery, showcasing new work by members of the group. Artists Kate Batten and Natalie Leroy have been invited to virtually collaborate. Prompted to complete the task of their dreams; Inspired by the chance to cut loose and make work the way they play. In conjunction with Columbus Underground, Tacocat Cooperative hosts a show featuring the collections of a handful of collectors featured on the website. Come see an example, and read testimonies from real collectors around the area.
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